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Who doesn't know the fantastic 80s hit the safety dance?

Who doesn't know the fantastic 80s hit the safety dance?

I certainly do and I think a lot of other people do too, and if you are a fan of 80s music, this song belongs to the classics.

It's 2022 and we are talking about Men without Hats making a comeback, but from what I understand, they never really stopped.

The new song is on the album Again, Part 2.

This album features Ivan Doroschuk - Voice & Electronics , Colin Doroschuk - Voice & Guitars

, Sho Murray - Guitar, Sahara Sloan.

If the world should end today is a song with a message. Without love all is lost and nothing matters anymore.

Don't take away the love then world is at an end.

This is what I can make of it, a very nice song with very nice lyrics and melodies..

Whether this song will reach the success of the big hit the safety dance is still uncertain at this moment.

This album really has several good songs with the necessary variety. With uptempo songs and less uptempo songs this is a versatile album with the necessary flashbacks to their 80s sound.

I wasn't planning on writing a review on this album yet, but I certainly don't regret it.

If the world should end today has convinced me to listen to the rest of this new album.

I give it four stars.

Top album.


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