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MELØ: They always call the cops on us, we drove the neighbors nuts

HeartBeatHero Interview with Synthwave Artist: MELØ

author: Daniel Barton (DB)

DB: First of all thank you for submitting your music to my podcast. I absolutely loved playing your track and video clip of Mysteria on the podcast.

How did your musical journey start for you?

MELØ: Originally I am from Thunder Bay, Canada but moved to Windsor, Ontario at a young age. Windsor’s nickname is South Detroit, it is a border city to Detroit, Michigan. The diverse Detroit music scene helped spin my creative mind into form. As a teenager growing up in the Windsor/Detroit area, I was consumed by the Detroit blend of techno, punk and everything else in between.

I started playing with a hand-me-down guitar at 12 years old and right away started writing songs and forming jam bands with my brother and some of the neighborhood kids. We drove the neighbors nuts; they would always call the cops on us.

DB: Haha! The cops probably got tired from knocking on your door. Haha!

MELØ: I played in various original and cover bands throughout the years with my brother. We would perform in School Talent Shows and Battle of the Bands. It was the best feeling.

I grew up in a loving, large, and loud Italian family. Many of my family members are very musical, always ending up in an Italian jam session, which was my first experience. Lots of wine, singing and dancing was not uncommon at our family get-togethers.

It was the advice of a close friend (Domenico Ambrosio Producer/Mixer) listening to my earliest material that finally encouraged me to stop hiding from the world, and pursue my lifelong dream of making music for the masses. I took my first steps towards the spotlight with the release of my debut single “Mysteria” in late October 2021.

As I continue down the Artist/Songwriting path, I look forward to releasing more music and growing as an Artist. Trying to enjoy the moment.

It’s not a race, but a marathon, one small meaningful step at a time.

DB: So True! What are you currently working on?

MELØ: It’s been a busy and steady workflow, between, recording, marketing, social media, pitching. Wearing many hats.

Constantly working on potential song ideas, and crafting lyrics. Always working on my songwriting. That's been my focus for the last 2 years.

I’m currently working on a video for a new single to be released in mid summer. The plan is to drop a couple singles in the summer/fall leading towards another EP in the Fall.

Consistently working towards the full-length album, “Songs from the Spirit Box''. The songs explore themes related to the supernatural, dreams, nightmares, mysteries, deep secrets and intimate revelations. They’re all buried deep inside in the Spirit Box..

DB: You sound like a very busy man. So what’s in store for the future of MELØ?

MELØ: For the last few years, it started out as a studio project. Writing and recording ideas. But after receiving many emails from my audience and calls from friends. Listeners want to see this in a live setting.

So I'm contemplating designing a live concept show with a band to perform these songs live and have some fun with it. Let's see what's in store.

DB: Sounds awesome! Where can people find your music?

Youtube video: MELØ - Mysteria

Youtube video: MELØ - Things We Lost

Youtube video: MELØ - Black Leather Fantasy

DB: Thank you for letting me interview you!

MELØ: Thanks for having me!


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