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STEVEN JONES & LOGAN SKY with "Summer Herz" Q&A with Jones and Sky.

SPL Tell me about your new song Summer Herz. How did you come up with this song and what is it about? Jones - The song is really about loss, about regret, about nostalgia. I think it’s poignant to locate sadness in a summer landscape. It could be a heartbreak. It could be the loss of a friend. The atmosphere of the song seems upbeat but it’s melancholy underneath. It tells a true story but it’s in code! SPL The song is not on the last album, perhaps a new album is coming? Jones: Summer Herz represents a bridge between the creative world of our latest album European Lovers and the new project. It might appear on the new album in a different form or might live in it’s own summery space. Logan - A new album is taking form for next year.. there's a theme emerging of warmth and summer heat, but we're not sure if Summer Herz will be on it, yet. For now it remains a standalone single. SPL Who made this video clip? Jones : I shot the footage in Sri Lanka early in 2022 inspired the Duran Duran’s Save A Prayer and the glamour of the tropical landscape. It seemed a perfect location for Summer Herz. Extreme summer, extreme beauty and the loneliness of being far from home. Logan : Steven sent me his luxurious clips, but I had a lo-fi indie vibe in mind. I wanted to evoke a retro, surrealist angle. The flowers represent the transient nature of fleeting love and the blindfolds our barrier to see beyond ourselves. SPL Are there any gigs coming up in the near future?..... Jones: The possibility of gigs is coming back into focus now. And it would be exciting to take to the stage again, so yeah, we’re exploring a few options. It’s always good to feel that live vibe when the world can seem so digital! Logan : Performances have been far from our minds during covid and whilst I was living away in Hamburg. I've now returned and met Steven again and and has only just moved back. We met up about a month ago and visited some potential venues, so we will see what develops. It would certainly be great to perform some of the newer tracks. Thank you gentlemen for the Q&A.


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