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Matti Charlton - Dark Addiction

When I see the artwork, I get the idea that this could sound very good.

And it does.

Matti Charlton knows how to hold me captivated from the very first sounds of this great song.

That the great voice of her contributes to this is a fact.

Combined with a catchy melody line, it is very pleasant to listen to this.

Highly recommended.

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Matti Charlton
Matti Charlton
Jul 08, 2021

I'm the artist, Matti Charlton. Thank you so much for your wonderful review! Just to be clear, Michelle Rescigno did the vocals for me. I sing the backup vocals, and of course I wrote the music and produced the song myself. Mixing and mastering was by Rob Murray (Britney Spears, Odesza, etc) as well as one of the 3 drum sets in the song was contributed by Philip Larsen who has a grammy for his work on Kylie Monogue's "Come Into My World".

Thank you for your wonderful review of my song!


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