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Have you heard of Cheddr?

Melodic synths and modern beats with pianos and strings mark this third release from electronic artist Cheddr. Elements of ambient electronic music, chillwave, or even deep house vibes. But acoustic instruments atypical of the "Synth" genres mixed with luscious (or glitched out!) synths brings a fresh but classic approach to the instrumental electronic music scene. Tracks include the chill electronica songs "The Winding Road", "Falling into you", "Reach In", and "You'll See", as well "Unification Theory" and "Understory" featuring sequenced solo piano and strings. The sampled vocal manipulations in "Our Hearts are Beating Together" and "Vapors" are hypnogogic, approaching vaporwave. The songs on this album are varied, but belong thematically together appealing to Synthwave fans or fans of any kind of indie or electronic music.

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