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Zak Vortex & Young Empress - Go Your Own Way

Synthwave artists Zak Vortex & Young Empress have joined forces for an exclusive collaboration, covering the timeless and ever-popular Fleetwood Mac to deliver their very own, retro synth inspired interpretation of Go Your Own Way.

Atmospheric, arpeggiated synth melodies & classic 80s guitars blend together the retro infused electronica of Zak Vortex with the nostalgic undertones of Young Empress, making this smooth little number a cover full of daydreams & night drive vibes.

Enchanting vocals skate across the track, radiating new romantic tones & freewheeling harmonies, all of which draws to a climax of their very own take on a well known & loved guitar solo. Steady bass lines & shadowy vocals work together to coat this track in sentimental sounds alongside an increasingly nostalgic production style.

Zak Vortex & Young Empress have demonstrated that this track is both powerful & engaging, even when delicate.

Radiating ethereal energy bathed in a haunting shadow of sound this cover resounds loud & clear from a great partnership of artists.


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