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The new track from Future Perfect is out.

I'm gonna play the new song Sin tomorrow night on my Mixtape Show from Future Perfect. I asked Simon what this track is about and more.

New track Touch
Future Perfect

The lyric for this song came to me a few years ago from a friend/fan called Shane Peters, who's based in the US. He often sent me some lyrics, which I didn't use at the time, however, about 3 years ago, Shane died of a cardiac arrest. He left behind his wife Jill and their children. When I was starting to write for the new album, I came across these and, with some modification, matched them perfectly with some music that i'd just written. I finished the track earlier this year and it's a fitting tribute to Shane. I've got 5 tracks completed for the new album, Touch ,Rip, Touch, Assassin's Eyes, Victoria and this track, Sin (Where Angels Fall) The album has been on hold for a few years due to my wife (now ex) having severe health issues. We have unfortunately now separated, but I am starting to continue working on the album.



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