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!!! HELP KYLO !!!

Everything Kylo made music with is gone.

After one of her last performances she went home with the Taxi and due to a confluence of circumstances she won't be able to perform live or make music soon because everything is gone. I came across this on Facebook and offered her to share it on my blog so that at the end of the story she might raise a nice amount of money to continue making music that she loves to do. Below is the story in her own words. I hope you can support her with any amount of money. Every little thing helps, says the Dutch proverb. HELP HERE AND CLICK HERE I am a singer/artist in Toronto ON and play live shows often! I played a show last week and took a cab back home with all my gear in the trunk; my MacBook laptop ($1300), voice live 3 extreme pedal ($900),apc 40 controller ($300), guitar case ($100), stand ($50)....and when I got out of the car he drove off with all of my stuff! I’ve contacted the cab company and they tracked down the driver through the pos payments since I paid by debit. He insisted he “didn’t have it” and they said there’s nothing they can do. I’ve filed a police report but it’s looking pretty hopeless. I have spent so much $$$ investing in all this gear to play my shows and I am devastated. I also had irreplaceable music files on my laptop that I will never get back:( Anything helps, thank you so much. You can hear my music in the link below to confirm and as you can see in the photo I had all of that gear that I listed. Thank you!


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