After 18 years ZOON POLITICON are back with a new album!

 What a nice and fresh sounding electro-pop album from Zoon Politicoon.

The 13 tracks on this album have its own versatility with a nice mix between the voice from Helmut Winterand and a very nice production from the other part wich is Achim Dressler.

The band goes back to the 90s where it all began with the EP No Way Out from 1996 wich was  is a self-released Promo EP.

We think that there  a lot of good things on this album that will satisfy many different people.

It was a joy to listening to this new album after all those years that are gone in the past.

This is very strong coming back from such good band,it's a shame that it took so long to bake it.


Lets hope that ther will be more in the future.