The Fascinated “Running Away From Love” single and debut album review.

Yes we are fascinated about this album.

The total mix of sounds and the voice from Beki takes you back to the electro pop sound of the exciting 80s melted with the production sound of to day.


Running a way from love that’s ok,but we won’t stop listening to the new sound of The Fascinated


Love Tearing Down the Walls.Home/Running Away From Love/Tearing Down the Walls/Space Cadets/Comfort Zone/The Price/Planet ,all this tracks are a pleasure to listen to.You can compare this with something you may know but that is to easy.


This album has a really radio potency but certainly not sounding wrong on your home stereo or mp3 player.An album like this “WOW” and from LA,this I did not expect.


Europe wake up! if this is the beginning of what else may come from America then they are catching up with the rest.