Sinestar  Evolve album Review.

For the eight-week, Fortunes Faded is standing on the eight place in German Electro top 15.
It is one track of a fantastic new album called Evolve.
The new album from Sinestar is a very diverse album with a very exciting sound from beginning to end.


If you don't know Sinestar this is an excellent moment to get to know these guys.

The sound that they make is a fine mix between a few different electronic music styles.

With some really danceable tracks, this is a very enjoyable album that will not disappoint you.

I am impressed with the fact that every track sounds so fresh and is so well balanced mixed.

There are allot of good bands,and Sinestar is one of them.


I can tell you anything about this album but you should go listen to this yourself.



01. Ready Set Go & Die
02. The Madness Of Control
03. The Same Way
04. Stop The Clocks
05. Heart To The Fire
06. Fortunes Faded
07. Running Home (Guest Vocals by Hannah Brownlie)
08. Falling
09. Avoiding The Silence
10. Time Expired
11. The Mirror Song (Guest Vocals by Ema Walter)
12. Chemical Romance
13. My Perspecti
14. Sentinel