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We have the new album of Circuit3 on our headphones called THE PRICE OF NOTHING & THE VALUE OF EVERYTHING. I really enjoyed listening to the new album from Circuit3 which is very diverse.

Almost all songs have the feeling that they were made in the 80's but that is of course the case although you can certainly hear the influences back, it is all of this time and it is a pleasure to listen to.

It all sounds very well balanced and a lot happens in the songs without it being tiring.

Each song has its different feeling and depth that can touch you, It is worth diving into an album like this on. The melodies are well worked out and the songs are nicely finished.

Yes, this is really an album that can make your speakers pop but it is also suitable for the later hours.I think this album deserves a place in your playlists or your cd collection because it's very versatile. It is a real pleasure to hear and recognize the influences of other artists in the field partly thanks to Gary Numan. I've seen Gary Numan live and I think Circuit3 will be a good candidate for one of his concerts as a support act, On the other hand, I won't hesitate if I could go to a full concert of Circuit3. The songs will certainly do well live as well, they have enough power and intention for that. I've got two favorites left and that's The Rain and Face in the Crowd. But there's definitely more, if you want to hear it listen to the Mixtape Show.


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