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O.a.G and Marc O'Rell Enemy

Have you heard this amazing new version from Enemy? Check out the video and read what I think about this track.

I have introduced you to O.a.G before with the song running which I still like and hasn't changed either since I heard it for the first time.

The first version from Enemy was released in september 2022 followed by running in march that same year with a similar vibe as running.

This new remix version from Marc O'Rell sounds a little bit different than the first version and with the voice off Wesley Reid and some new elements its lifting the whole track lifting this to a new level that might still give it the attention it deserves. Highly recommended therefore.. Source From O.a.G O.a.G. is Iwan Bedford (UK) and Wesley Reid (US). Iwan, has released electronic, synthwave, and

synthpop music as an independent solo artist. Iwan is the creative force behind the music and is a

producer for other artists.

Wesley previously released synth pop/dance music as an independent solo artist. Wesley is the singer

and lyricist of the duo and has been a featured vocalist for synthpop and house music artists. They came

together because of their shared love of prominent artist such as Erasure, Yazoo, Depeche Mode, OMD

and many other 80’s/90’s synth and electronic acts.

Together as O.a.G. they are creating their own genre blending unique style of synthpop, electronic, and

darkwave music with a growing fanbase around the world. More info.


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