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Moon and Aries call themselves a Synth Pop Opera Duo on Instagram, and is this anything like an opera? Musically, it is well put together, especially with Jordana's voice which sounds really fantastic on sneak preview leaving a good impression of what this band is capable of. But there is much more to enjoy with a full album of this wonderful music.

On the album The Arrival, the band goes much further without sounding over the top, everything is well considered and you can really hear that they put a lot of work into creating a sound that is just a bit different from many bands.

By using traditional synth sounds and classical instruments such as strings, their sound is definitely film-like and their music will certainly not be out of place in a theatre. On the EP Paradise, they continue with their dream-like music and pick up where they left off with The Arrival. This EP doesn't sound much different from the previous album, at least that's what I think, but I'll be sure to ask them in a Q&A.

In any case highly recommended.


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