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Interhotel album review.

Let me say in advance that this is a very unusual album and the music can be described as very innovative.

There is a lot of music to listen in this time that we live in I would definitely recommend listening to it entirety because it has a lot of potential.

Electronic music remains something special and it doesn't matter in what language it is sung or spoken because music is the language of the heart without limitations.

The music in this case comes from the hands of Graf Tati and Cécile Dupaquier who have created a vinyl double album with twenty tracks on it.

As you lower the needle into the grooves of the first LP, a new world opens up, the world of Interhotel.

The album is from 2021 and had been waiting for a while for a review. The music was not the problem because it is really good and very original with enough variation and musical discoveries along the way.

The fact that Graf Tati's voice resembles Iggy Pop and Lou Reed is a nice bonus but it's certainly not disturbing I think it is actually quite appealing . For a moment I thought I had put on the wrong record with Malcolm McLaren hearing listening to Madam Butterfly but it turned out not to be the case, it was the openig of I’d prefer not to. It's nice that musicians use each other's ideas to compose a different piece of new music.

I love that the French and English language is used on this album to give certain songs that extra touch It sets a particular tone and mood to the music and in fact the entire album.

You could also hear this in some 80s pop songs and especially in the New Wave scene of that time. The two vocals are amazing and sounds fantastic, complementing each other very well especially in the song Che sarà.

This is an album that you have to sit down and listen to because there is so much going on and I have noticed that if you leave it for a while and play it again, it is a new encounter. Even though this is a type of music that may not appeal to everyone, but since it does not have very large excesses, it is quite suitable for a larger audience.

I can't say anything else but that I find this a very special album with the necessary musical discoveries throughout the album.


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