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Coolboy 3000 with MARATHON

Written, produced, mixed & mastered entirely by myself in Dallas, TX. Is that cool or cool? I asked Colin to tell me about his music and the song Marathon. So I've been recording as coolboy3000 since 2013.  Growing up online, the name came pretty naturally. The first project I did was centered around experiences online so it was kind of conceptual in that respect and served as my precedent for how to proceed as CB3K. There was some cool computer music and 80s records with a lot of synthesizers in the house growing up and when I started to make music as CB3K I wanted to chase those feelings and elaborate on them. 

MARATHON is a result of a lot of stress and effort towards finding inner peace.  I think it's common for people to be unsatisfied with where they are in life and that can be frustrating.  I've been wrestling with that issue myself and recently decided there's only so much I can do.  I continue to work hard towards where I want to be but ultimately, try to be grateful for what this life has afforded me.  

MARATHON is a reflection of this; I hope it's a reminder that letting go of expectations is essential to not burning yourself out. I'm gonna play it on the Mixtape Show coming Sunday.

The selfmade men.
Coolboy3000 MARATHON


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