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Breathe of my leaves?

SPL. Who or what is Breathe of my leaves and what kind of music do you make? Breathe Of My Leaves is me, Stephano Barberis (music) and Jordan Gant (vocals). We are a synthpop duo based in Canada. I live in Vancouver and Jordan lives in Calgary.

I'm very influenced by a lot of 80s synthpop (especially Erasure), Italodisco, classical/baroque, motown, folk, disco, ABBA, pop from the 50's, 60s and 70s... all the way up to and including bands like Goldfrapp. Jordan comes from a gospel/rock/pop/soul background with influences like Keane, Muse, George Michael, Mika, etc, so we are two quite different forces coming together and creating something quite unique, melodic and passionate. We are both co-writers on all the songs.

SPL. When can we expect an album? We're hoping for the album to come out in June but I'm worried it may be pushing too close into summer as life keeps throwing curveballs at us, which may necessitate us going for late summer/early fall instead. We'll just keep releasing singles until we get there, but there will always be more unheard songs on the album than released ones. I think we are at 13 or 14 tracks now for the album, and we're saving all our strongest singles for after the album is released.

The first two albums were predominantly instrumental synthpop but this one has vocals on every song, and we are so excited about the songwriting that we can't even verbalise it. It's our love-letter to synthpop and hope. It's also a bit of our shot across the bow of negativity and darkness. The new single will be released on April 14t. On the actual day, this blog post will also be updated with the video of this track.


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