Giek_1. An artist you can compare to Björk? That's what this artist does to me. Every time she releases something I get this feeling. That she's something special is something you can't ignore, this lady does what she thinks, and now let that be different from what we might expect to hear or see. Everything's been so predictive these days, but with Giek_1 that's a whole different story. Giek is Giek_1 and you just have to appreciate that. You can be normal enough in this world and Giek_1 knows that very well. No there is Hardest Storm a great song where she does it again with the music and images, she fills your senses like only Giek can do.

We asked Giek to tell us a little more about this song and about here new EP. Giek: “Hardest Storm” is about experiencing an extreme shift in consciousness. Both partners are drifting away in different directions, but through it all they are still able to connect to one another. The track is about letting go of your ego and accepting change.

The EP, ‘ESCAPE’, tells the story of how Giek_1’s spiritual awakening lines up with the different stages in a romantic relationship. Both of these things can bring past trauma to the surface, and act as a mirror to the self.

The only way to progress is to heal from these hurts and grow as a person. ‘ESCAPE’ is about escaping reality, not wanting to face the real world because of what it might reveal about oneself. Escaping from the conflict and struggle. Escaping the destruction. But perhaps this destruction is caused by all of this escapism.‘ESCAPE’ is an Electronic pop EP, inflected with Triphop, Dreampop and Ambient. It has been produced by Frenquency with lyrics and vocals by Giek_1.

On the 20th of March, we released the first single and video, “Both Ways”. Next, on the 10th of April, we’ll drop the single and clip for “Hardest Storm”. Then, on the 1st of May, we will unleash the entire ‘ESCAPE’ EP upon the world, through all streaming platforms. Finally, on the 15th of May, we’ll release the video for the aptly named “Closure”.

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