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Miles Matrix New album Buena Vista

We have heard the new album from Miles Matrix. And now it's coming.

Were going to play it for you on the Mixtape Show.

Buena Vista" will be released on May 17th on all streaming platforms as well as for download and on CD. "Buena Vista" is the first album by Vienna based producer Miles Matrix. It features 8 tracks spanning the whole spectrum of the Synthwave genre. Born from a love for movie soundtracks, nostalgia and synthesizers, "Buena Vista" is 80s infused Retrowave inspired as much by Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis – music Miles Matrix had on a cassette as a kid – as by contemporary synthwave icons like Perturbator, Dance with the Dead or Lazerhawk. Stay with us and listen soon to songs from the new album.

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