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Lazarus And The Galactic Defenders EP Soundtrack by Nightshifter

Today i received an interesting message from Nightshifter. I asked him what he could tell me about his great project. Nighthifter explains. This is the soundtrack EP for the yet to be released animated 80s retro movie (in a tradition with Masters Of The Universe or something similar) "Lazarus And The Galactic Defenders". The hero of the story is Lazarus the undead, a galactic gunslinger who was killed by some bad guys but brought back into life by a witch and now they are fighting against the bad guys. ​Pre-production of the movie will start this summer. The movie will be produced by "It came from the 80s", which is owned by O´Neal Pignani. O´Neal asked me last summer if I´d be interested in doing a Theme-song for an animated movie and I was really excited about the idea. So I did the song as an instrumental. Next step was the idea of bringing out a version of the song with vocals, so I asked "Damokles" (Anders Ekström) from Sweden who not only did the vocals but also wrote the lyrics. As O´Neal really liked the vocals from "Damokles" he asked him if he´d like to be the narrator of the so-called episode recap. So step by step i made a few more songs and it ended up now as an EP. Thank you Nightshifter.

The animated motion picture movie "Lazarus And The Galactic Defenders" will be released later this year by It Came From The 80s.

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