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Katana ZERO The Soundtrack

The game Katana ZERO is now available on Steam with music from Ludowic and other artists. Its a neo-noir action platformer with an 80's neon aesthetic. The music is a totally different story.

Bill Kiley and Ludowic has written the most of the music for the game. Justin Stander, Tunç Çakır, DJ Electrohead are also on this fantastic album.

In my opinion, it has become awesome. The music fits perfectly with this game, I haven't played it yet, but I can imagine that the music gives a big contribution to the overall game feeling.

For only €9,00 you can buy the complete album on Bandcamp.

#KatanaZERO #Ludowic #JustinStander #DJElectrohead #TunçÇakır

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