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Michael Oakley about Control and more.


Finally I can let you guys hear what I’ve been working on over the past year! ‘Control’ is the first single from my upcoming album ‘Introspect’ with NewRetroWave and was the first song I started working on shortly after releasing California. There was a period after California where I felt completely overwhelmed by the wonderful reaction you guys gave me to that album

And I have to be honest, I freaked out a little bit and started to worry about how the heck I was ever going to follow that up. Bear in mind that I have NEVER had that kind of a reaction to my music before and I guess what you would call success. So I started to get worried that I wouldn’t be able to write anything as good as California! Then I realised that’s just all mind games playing with my insecurities and I had to remind myself that I write music because I love doing it and it’s a way for me to tell stories about my life and in doing that I have a better understanding about situations I’m going through and ultimately, myself.

Throughout my life I’ve always struggled with myself. Sometimes I feel like there's two Michael’s. The one that wants to be the best version of himself and makes the right choices, sticks to the right path, who has the power to do wonderful things. Then there's the other Michael that sometimes strays from that path and messes up, acts selfishly and has the power to hurt other people. That version of Michael always leaves me feeling weak and disappointed in myself and is without a doubt my own worst enemy.

'Control' is all about that struggle which I’m sure most of us can relate to. We all have an inner voice, an intuition that is trying to help us be the best version of ourselves. But do we always listen to it?

'Control' is also the first of many collaborations with my dear friend Ollie Wride. I’ll be telling more of that interesting story next week… Michael Oakley

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