Everything feels like or sounds like that big famous band with the name Depeche Mode.

I think this is a great compliment.

That occurs more often than we know.

But this time, it is certainly true.


I do not know what to think about this,but it's very tasty.

The sounds that have been chosen and used showed a great form of creativity through the whole album.

There is actually, not one bad song on this album.

It is a unique composition of different types of songs

It has very electronic sound but also with an analog warm touch .


The instrumental tracks are excellent with some very interesting themes.


I did not know what to expect after playing the first track, but after one or two songs  you're going to want to hear more and more.


My compliments go to Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup,they have put down a great performance.





Perpacity members are Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup residing in the UK and in Denmark respectively. Each has over 20+ years of musical experience, ranging from writing music and live performance to studio work and music production.

Perpacity creates strong melodic songs and melodies, characterized by their unique dark and moving electronic soundscapes.


More abaut this band you can find here.