Singel / EP




The Electropop master can not resist making beautiful and very danceable tracks.


With this number, it is not different than normal.

Each song he brings out, he makes a statement in the electro/pop scene.

Wildlife is a very nice electro-pop song with a relaxed atmosphere and good overall pleasing modern sound.

There are a view good remixes from Wildlife on this EP from a Radio edit mix to a Vintage Warmer Mix/Dub And Dance Mix and a Heaven Club Mix.

It doesn't matter that much which version you heard there all good.


We really like the normal radio edit, but the People Theatre's we the liked most.


The 7th Heaven is in one word Super.

Of course, there are more remixes on this EP of songs we already know from the album Aeronaut which is a good album.

The track Judgement Day could easily be music for a movie score.


All in all, this is a very good EP.


He has done it again.


Thanks to John von Ahlen and Conzoom records for the material.