Marsheaux Inhale

Playing this cd from the two girls of Greece take's you back in the good old sound of the bands you know from the past such like Depeche Mode,OMD and Human League.

This is their fourth studio album and you can hear that they have been growing into their own unique electro/new wave sound, starting with Self Control that will keep you stay listening  until the end of this album.I find this unique in the material that's come out in the music biz nowhere days.


The pulsing sequences and combinations in almost al the tracks will give Inhale its character.

The album title Inhale has elements of Jean Michel Jarre,August day is the kind of song that remembers me why i like synth pop so much, the dreamy atmosphere and the synth's pad give the song its unique sound even a kind of Kate Perry is there innit.


The last part of Can you stop takes you into another dimension  for a few minutes.

The overall sound quality is very good with some punchy beats and lovely accords. The overall impression of this album is that it is nicely mixed and not overproduced in comparison with the current dance music generation.

All the tracks on this album won't disappoint you in my opinion.This is a real interesting album and after one or two time's it's getting better and you hear more of their musicality.


You like this, but you learn to love it.


Inhale is a very nice album that will keep you look forward to the next album.

I like to thank  Undo records for the CD and give me the possibility to make this first review.

And last but not least Marianthi and Sophie.