Dec 14, 2018

Nous Pâlissons (Fade to Grey) – Hieronymus FTP


Edited: Nov 6

"No, don't do THAT song... it's been done to death" "It's all very well presented and produced... There hasn't been a cover in this style as far as I know." Two contrasting opinions from former Visage members. Fortunately I took the advice of the second, writer of the original music and legendary New Romantic keyboard player Chris Payne, and completed the project. It's now up on most of the usual sites. Judge for yourself! Or read the review by Paul Browne of The Electricity Club. Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter if you like it and please check out my recent EP "Tanzkrankheit", a darker, danceable electronic pop offering released in May 2019 and reviewed by Steve Thomas-Green of Ghost Wave Radio.

Hear and download the new EP on Soundcloud Click for the Spotify link Click for the Apple Music link Sample the collection on Soundcloud



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  • Wow... I've started this project 2(1/2) years ago in 2016, I'm quite surprised by the progress I've made since. Here's the result of my learning. 40 minutes of electronic music! Trying to find my marks yet but still, I think some tracks are pretty enjoyable to listen to! I hope you'll find pleasure while listening to this!!
  • Träume, die unseren Schlaf besuchen, sind transparente Mondscheingemälde unserer Seele. Wie von den Fans gefordert, veröffentlichen wir “In Good Faith” mit Mond unsere erste rein deutschsprachige EP. Das Leben in allen Facetten Liebe und Freude, Angst und Verzweiflung drücken diese 4 Songs aus. Download :