Rainbow skies at night – A review about the new album of Distain.

Rick Prokein,Alexander Braun,Manfred Thomaser(from left to right).


Yes the three musketiers from Germany of the electro scene.

This time no comparison to one or two bands from the past,Distain makes electro that is different then the rest in my opion.The new album takes you to a different world thanks to a very diverse album.Of course I can talk about the subjects’ on this album but that’s not really my thing,i give my opinion about music.


  • No One Is To Lead-Really   the electro techno sound on this track,like it

  • Too Many Walls                   Not bad.

  • Where In This World           The voices and lyrics are remarkably well mixed.

  • Back To History                   Like the mysterious intro and duet.

  • A Million Engines.               Love this opening.

  • December                           Nice pop song.

  • Rainbow Skies At Night     A wonderful nice track .

  • Variation In Light                After the opening I did not expect this.

  • Gunfires                               Blasting track

  • Fragmente                           Really like this one.

  • Blackberry Morning           Definitely one of my favorites.

Should i say something more about this album?


It is obviously an album with a message and that they have been thinking hard about that is obvious.Besides the fact that this is a good musical album there is also much food for thought.

Distain you’ve outdone yourself.

thanks to Rick Prokein,Alexander Braun,Manfred Thomaser,Ulf Müller,Echozone Label.