Future Perfect/After the Fall/Album Review+Interview


 Before we started this review I asked a number of things to Simon.


Where does the album After the Fall goes about?


It's an album which is based upon the theme of consequences.  

Either of one's actions or situations.

Consequence of Passion. Lying, regret, greed etc


How much time do you have taken for this album to record it?


It took us about 2 years to record but that was done in between getting married, moving home, starting new jobs, illness, etc.  

It would have been finished a lot sooner but life kind of got in the way a bit.


Where do get you the inspiration from?


It can come from anywhere.  

Sometimes the music comes first when just jamming on the synths or guitar and that can dictate a direction of a song and the words come naturally, other times, it's life experience or even news articles that I hear on the radio.  

The song "Spaces", being an example where I was listening to a politician being interviewed and he was obviously lying and avoiding the answers.  


The song, Protect and Survive is influenced on some of the UK government early 80's public information films on what to do in the event of a nuclear strike on the country, but it's still relevant today with everything that's going on.  

Inspiration can come from the most unknown places.


By what bands or music you are influenced?


Not the usual typical synthpop bands that one would expect really.

Jean Michel Jarre is a great inspiration to me as a composer of music, and I always have to make sure like he does that a song even before it's had a vocal put on it can stand alone by itself and can have the melody.  That's very important.


Mesh were a big influence at the beginning of writing the album as 'd hit a total writing block.  

Then I heard "Born to Lie".  

There was something about that song which opened the floodgate for me.  For me, it's one of the perfect songs.


Other than that I'd have to say Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Pet Shop Boys, Apoptygma Bezerk and Prodigy.


Are you completely satisfied with the end result?


We are.  

We think that on every project we do that there is something that we could have or not done different, but we're really proud of the end result and I've learned so much during the making of it, especially about production and songwriting.   It's always a learning process,

though ,improving, reinventing and never repeating.



This album sounds, like a perfect future.


This duo is making some very catchy and danceable electro.

This album sounds great with enough variation,what makes this album a pleasure to listen to.

The voice from Rebecca and Simon mixed together with the pulsing sounds of the synth's and the crushing beats of the drum parts,makes you want to dance.

As you go through the tracks you get the impression that all the songs are well balanced mixed and gives you the feeling that they have give allot of attention to the singing parts vs musical parts.

This is definitely a original album with some fantastic tracks.








Thanks to Simon and Rebbeca and Conzoom Records.





Fall - Future Perfect
00:00 / 00:00



01 - Fall 

Album title, and its a really nice song. 


02 - Dangerous Desires

A track with deeper feelings.


03 - Walking On Knives

A nice interlude/bridge between the tracks.


04 - Neo Rom Com

I really like the guitar on this track.


05 - Protect and Survive

A real dance festival killer.


06 - ADSR

Another nice interlude/bridge between the tracks.


07 - Spaces

With a special intro, nice song 


08 - Excess

Like the techno/house feeling on this track.


09 - Neo Rom Com (Destination Remix)

Super nice remix.


10 - Priest of Excess

WOW a super punky electro track.


11 - (After The)Fall

After the Fall in a remix style.(makes you want to dance version)


12 - Fall (Instrumental)

The title says it all